The Lamborghini Urus begins production in April and we could see it in Geneva


The new Urus arrives to end in 2017.

During a recent interview the CEO of the Italian brand, Stefano Domenicalli, confirming that the next month of April will begin production of the Urus – which also confirmed his denomination – in addition to several details of the new SUV from the firm.

This year marked by both another historic milestone for the brand, which since many years ago no I had 3 models in its range. Precisely from the time in which the ancestor of the Urus, the brutal and superlative LM002, was part of the catalogue of the brand.

The new Urus expect sales of around 3,500 units annually, which should be a salutary lesson to the signing of Sant’agata Bolognese, that has been to expand its factory to accommodate the production chain of the new model. In fact, it had to raise its manufacturing out of Italy, but after negotiations with the Italian government eventually will take place in the own factory of the brand.


Should be presented in a few weeks.

Domenicalli also confirmed that the first models to be built will be prototypes of pre-production, to achieve a perfect fit in the manufacturing process. In fact, the numbers that shuffles the mark with this model are unpublished for the company, traditionally dedicated to high-performance sports and therefore very little volume.

Adding, moreover, that in the coming weeks will be revealed new data model. Although if you managed to slip that the Urus will not be suitable exclusively for the asphalt and that it will have settings for different types of firm, such as ice, snow, rocks, or sand.

The Urus will not only be the first model of the brand of the SUV segment – the
old LM002 was an suv and very powerful addition – but that will be
the first model of the brand to count with a hybrid version plug-in.
Initially we hope to see introduced in version V8 gasoline, with a
commercial launch sometime this year and a little more
forward, it would be the arrival of this variant with engine el├ęctrico.