The Lancia Stratos HF Stradale from the former director of the Jolly Club listed for sale


The Stratos is spectacular from any angle.

Does just a few days ago I brought a pair of units of the Lancia Stratos, which you can see a gallery of images of ClassicAuto 2017, but this issue that has appeared on sale is something special. This Stratos HF Stradale 1975 belonged to Angelo Del Monte, who was then the director of the famed team rallies Italian Jolly Club.

The exemplary came out of the factory in 1975 and it looks like the rack number 1240-79, the V6 engine of origin Ferrari, and their transmission is still the original, numbers 0005867 and 627E respectively, and the specimen is kept in its original state, without restoring.

The state of the model, and as you can see in the images is fantastic, despite the fact that these are probably the photo worse taken from a Stratos that we know. As they do not reflect the dramatic figure of the model. In person, the Stratos surprises by its small size and sharp design, one of the most aggressive of the story. Exudes a sense of speed even standing still, and your eye more feature, no doubt, is with the open body.


The engine DIno V6 is the original.

The model is already on sale in Belgium and has a price of 495.000 dollars, a few 468.666 euros at the exchange at the time of writing this article. Its price is in line with recent auction results of the model, has been exemplary with very few miles that they have been more expensive, but each other something more economical than this.

Replicas of this model, there are many on the market, the great majority of them of british origin. However, the original units are still large parts of collector.

we do Not know the full history of the vehicle, as the seller
current just indicates that the first owner was Angelo Del Monte,
without specifying anything more of the history. The sale is accompanied with
documentation attesting to this fact.