The Land Rover Defender exerts taxi through the streets of London

If during these days you are in the English capital, it is possible for you to find a taxi very special, a Land Rover Defender. This off-road, which already forms part of the history books of motorsport, says goodbye, and before being auctioned off will go through the streets of London dressed in this way.


The Defender cab has been protected by some special models

The past month of June, the plant of Land Rover in Soluhill made the drive two million of the Land Rover Defender. On that occasion, was celebrated with the invitation of some famous adventurers that gave shape to such a special unit. The same as within a few days it will be auctioned off in the house Bonhams in London for charitable purposes.

is Not the same as Land Rover Defender that we see in the images. The latter has been around these days by the streets of the capital dressed in the typical black taxi. The act has served not only to attract the attention of passers-by, but also to promote the auction of a unique piece of history. Who would not want to have it?

This taxi has been surrounded by some other special model, from an ice cream van based on the Series II Land Rover, to a special edition of the Defender, signed by Paul Smith and a few months since we had occasion to get to know her. Without forgetting of course the first Land Rover exhibition presented in the Salon in Amsterdam 1948.

As such, a farewell, the next-to-last that we will see, very special to a vehicle so special that many expect to be able to see reborn in a few years. The first reports indicate that the Defender will return at the end of the decade. In the meantime, the current will continue to produced in India and your destination will be fixed in other markets where it continues to pull.