The Land Rover Defender will continue in production until 2016


Despite the announcement of the cessation of production, Land Rover Defender continue to manufacture at at least until January next year, according to meet great demand increased from their exit from the market after 46 years met.


Land-Rover-Defender L and Rover had already announced the cessation of production of the Defender over a year and a half ago. It is that the rules concerning fuel emissions in force in the European Union had already been too demanding to sustain such a model to which it is known today.

After 67 years and 2 million units produced, the Defender resists his death.

But after the announcement of the cessation of their manufacture sales increased so much that Land Rover is considering continuing to produce at the plant in Solihull, West Midlands at least until the month of January 2016 because despite having added a second shift to the assembly line product, have not managed to meet demand. Production of the Defender reached during the course of this year growth of 29% .

However direct substitute will be released only in 2018, so there will be a two-year slump between the output of the current model of production and its over.

During 2014, Land Rover managed to place in the entire world places a total of 17,781 units. The most important current demand model is concentrated in Europe, a market that currently accounts for 40% of production veteran model launched in 1948.

Despite carrying 67 years of uninterrupted production and after no less than 2 million units produced, the Land Rover Defender resists leaving the market. Little is yet known about the qualities that provide a replacement, but there is mistrust between supporters of the model, about the capabilities offered by the new product.





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