The Land Rover Discovery 2017 continues to prepare to face the coming year

it is Not simple task the developers have of Land Rover at this time. To renew a myth is not easy, but we now see that the Land Rover Discovery 2017 is underway. We had already seen the truth, but on this occasion what we do in the north of Europe, in Sweden, where it is subject to the traditional test winter.


The Discovery will completely change its design, although still showing the same concept

despite the large amount of camouflage, quickly one notices where he is focused on the design of the new Discovery. It is clear that the English brand has decided that the design of the Land Rover Discovery Sport is the basis for a new generation of off-road. And it is undeniable that both look like pretty.

The front is a carbon copy, although the rear is already showing more diffuse. In this section, the camouflage is much higher, with appendices that are not will eventually form part of the final model. Even so we know that the rear lights are also extracted from his brother more urban.

Land Rover has to deliver to its customers a Discovery with real off-road capabilities. For a lot of it has gentrified in recent years, lcapacity off-track is inserted in your DNA since the first time, and we are talking about the first generation to set foot on the street back in the year 1989.

Currently, the Land Rover Discovery is offered with diesel engines that if guilty of anything it is of consumption. Well it is true that the overall weight of the car does not help to lower the figures of expenditure, but this will be one of the objectives of the fifth generation. And to do this will be supported in the new blocks Ingenium shared with Jaguar.


The lag is still very much covered as to be able to guess the final design

We are in a very early stage of the development of the Land Rover Discovery 2017. Until the year that comes we will not have the occasion to see him officially. Possibly the event is to take place more at the end than at the beginning. A year later it should appear on the scene another myth renewed, the Land Rover Defender, which for the moment we have yet to see.