The Land Rover Discovery 2017 is shown in the movement in these videos

Land Rover Discovery 2017Already missing less to get to know the Land Rover Discovery 2017. Recently we were able to see the first official image of the new SUV of the british brand which will be presented at the end of the month. Specifically will be the 28th of September, when it opens its doors to the Paris. We will now be able to see this fifth-generation in motion thanks to a couple of videos. The bad news is that it will be highly camouflaged, although there will be surprises.

To ensure its smooth functioning, the new Discovery has faced some trials very intense. Has gone from 40 degrees in the desert of Dubai to sub-zero temperatures on the ice in Arjeplog (Sweden). Have been used 294 test vehicles that have been tested in over 20 different countries. Also have been checked up to to 35,000 individual components of this model.


in Addition to its reliability, the british manufacturer has also been testing its functionality with those who occupy mainly the rear seat, children. The Land Rover Discovery is also a family vehicle thanks to its seven-seater, spread over three rows of seats. Your livability will be enhanced thanks to the application InControl Remote that will allow to shoot down second and third row of seats automatically.

in Addition to testing the passenger compartment of the Land Rover Discovery 2017, these children between the ages of five and nine years have done something more. They have been in charge of designing camouflage that we see in the video below, which is formed by their drawings and their names. Cover partially the new curvilinear design debut the SUV in a little bit. We will have to wait at the Salon of Paris for to know the rest of the details, as well as its range of engines.


Source – Land Rover

Land Rover Discovery 2017
Land Rover Discovery 2017
Land Rover Discovery 2017
Land Rover Discovery 2017
Land Rover Discovery 2017

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Land Rover Discovery

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