The Land Rover Discovery Sport towing a train of 100 tons

Land Rover Discovery Sport trenLand Rover has always wanted to prove what they are capable of their vehicles. The last show is the Land Rover Discovery Sport and to do so will attempt a feat within reach of very few. This model dares to tow a train of 100 tons simply with the help of your diesel engine Ingenium of 2.0 liters and four cylinders. Is mechanical developed 180 HP and 430 Nm of torque, what will be enough?

The way to go was a stretch of 10 kilometers of length through the region of the Rhine in northern Switzerland. This included crossing a spectacular bridge suspended 25 metres above the river Rhine. The challenge was huge because of ‘locomotive’ for the train, was for the Discovery Sport to throw up to 60 times of its own weight. In other words, it is the equivalent of a Boeing 757.

For this challenge told with the help of Aquarius Railroad Technologies, a company specialist, which was commissioned to install a railway wheels in the Discovery Sport. Also featured with the help of your all-wheel drive system with All Terrain Progress Control, in addition to the trailer hitch off-road Land Rover, which helps to manage the power the engine automatically.

The result is quite striking and is meets the goal of the Land Rover Discovery Sport towing for 10 miles, this train of more than 100 tons of weight. I must say that this model was mounted for the occasion the transmission automatic nine-speed which is optional on the range. In any case, a good demonstration of what you are able to the vehicles of the british brand.

Land Rover Discovery Sport trenSource – Land Rover

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