The laser headlights BMW i8 cost 11,570 euros

bmw i8 faros laser 2 Los faros láser del BMW i8 cuestan 11.570 euros The BMW i8 is undoubtedly one of the most technological cars we can find in the market. It is a sporty hybrid, the exponent of the range of electric BMW. Its electric motor and 1.5 three-cylinder gasoline yield 362 horses combined and enable the 0-100 in 4.4 seconds. Despite its innovative mechanics, the BMW i8 also been known for its lighting systems.

After a career with Audi is the first car in the market to offer laser beam future technology already exceeds the LED that most cars still not available. Yes, it is evident that it is an expensive technology at the moment, since the option of laser beam in the BMW i 8 has a price of 11,570 euros for the Spanish market. Even considering that the BMW i8 has a base price of 129,900 euros is a high figure.

bmw i8 faros laser 1 Los faros láser del BMW i8 cuestan 11.570 euros The advantages in terms of improved lighting are clear despite the pocket formed by these laser lights. They have a range up to 600 meters with even lower than the LED and also to occupy little space and require small reflectors consumption also contribute to reducing vehicle weight. Get very white light , less tiring sight and to appreciate the environment in more detail. As for his life, the same as the vehicle is estimated, so we should not worry about repairs.

The laser headlights of the BMW i8 will be one of those items that pass join the list of the most expensive extras in a car . Regardless of price, many customers will opt for them just to have the latest technology. Welcome is provided help democratize this technology, we should see as applied in increasingly models, starting with the high ranges.

Source – BMW

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