The last action of the DGT: improve the traffic using the car less

In the DGT must have thought: “what a genius, less traffic equals less accidents, less pollution, less congestion…” And I guess that’s the way began to be defined as the last campaign of the General Directorate of Traffic, under the slogan “Move with consciousness”. And much eye, not only because we’re in a campaign, well-meaning, but also in response to a proposal very reasonable and logical. Take the car to buy bread is not reasonable, however much we like to drive. And in many cities where traffic is complicated, since a long time ago that for many of us is viable. Indeed we have to think of alternative means to the car wherever possible.

Even if, unfortunately, a advertising action is not going to solve all our problems, nor go to convince too many people that there are alternative means to the car to move, if we love the freedom of movement in our particular car, we should pay close attention to these tips. If we suffer traffic congestion on a daily basis, if the pollution is going to force many cities to restrict the traffic and if maybe one day you are not going to be able to use our car in the city, among other reasons, it is because we have also made use of a fair bit of our cars.

Perhaps the best favour we can do to the mobility by private car is precisely that, to do without when we can move around in our car.

The problem is that the awareness raising actions are not sufficient. Are not sufficient because they are not going to improve the quality of public transport, nor will they prevent breakdowns on the Metro, incidents on the bus lines, or improve the mobility of bicyclists. They are not going to make the lanes of bikes in many cities can be useful for more than just a use of leisure and training. Nor will they make drivers to be more respectful and not get ahead too close, occasionally brushing against the tragedy. Not going to do that the mobility model of the rental bikes – like the one that has been tried unsuccessfully in Madrid, BiciMad – to be profitable, or that the thugs stop to smash and to steal the bicycle, nor that some tourists using these bikes on the sidewalks, invade the opposite lane, and so on.

The problem is that this awareness raising campaign, it’s not going to get your work, in the center of the metropolis, is better connected and closer to your home in a dormitory town 50 kilometres away.

In short, an advertising campaign like this is not sufficient to meet all the challenges presented by mobility in a future increasingly close. But, in any case, good initiative of the DGT. Initiative that will hopefully also arrive accompanied by actions of our government that are very necessary, even in those cases where they will be unpopular and painful to those of us who like to arrive by car until the end of the world.

Source: DGT
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