The last Holden will bid farewell in style: with 638 hp V8 Corvette ZR1

In case you did not know, Holden close its doors in Australia in 2017 . General Motors subsidiary in Australia will close its production unit, and even continue to sell cars General Motors origin – mainly Opel and Chevrolet with different emblems – the world will run out of the Holden Commodore . A series of perhaps anachronistic vehicles but beloved in Australia. Before the world runs out of these rear-drive sedans and pick-up cars, the Commodore will say goodbye in style .

Sadly, Ford also will stop producing in Australia, taking the Falcon along the way.

Before closing its doors Holden various special versions of their sports sedans and pick-ups, known as Commodore and Commodore Ute respectively be launched. Australia lose some of its automotive identity , but will go through the front door, side and burning wheel as if there were no tomorrow. This is what has created the country deserves. We talked about Holden Commodore and Commodore Ute created by HSV (Holden Special Vehicles) and equipped with one of the most powerful supercharged V8 the planet.

vauxhall-vxr8-160715-13 speak of LS9 V8 Corvette ZR1 , the same that went out of production just a year and a half ago. A propeller that develops 638 hp and a torque of over 800 Nm thanks to a volumetric compressor. A brutal eight-cylinder that allowed the Corvette ZR1 fight face to face with the Nissan GT-R, in his famous battles of N├╝rburgring a few years ago. This engine is the most powerful engine ever fitted to a production car in Australia, and soon we will see in Holden Commodore HSV .

The price of this limited edition could exceed 100,000 Australian dollars.

His name is still unknown, and know whether Holden attempt to further boost this beast . The reason for choosing this engine instead of modern LT 6.2 V8 propels the family Corvette Z06 is that space. Platform Commodore is the Zeta platform of General Motors and proponents of the Family LT – created for new platforms – are too bulky. However, do not think that LS9 is an outdated engine or daunted by the new generation of small-block V8.

holden-ls9-2 still has titanium components, lubrication dry sump forged internal components. It is a high-tech engine, which could be accompanied by interesting goodies: we speak of the magnetic suspension and carbonocerámicos Corvette brakes ZR1 . A machine that could have a few things to say to the Dodge Charger Hellcat, while ignoring their European contenders, who do not play in the league muscle car. A radical car, made for your enjoyment on road and track.

If not for Holden Commodore will be the last, he would be clapping his ears. At least, it goes through the front door.

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