The last Rolls-Royce Phantom VII has already come out of the factory


This is the last of the Rolls-Royce Pahntom VII.

The british brand has announced the cessation of the manufacture of the current Phantom VII, with the submission of the final copy of the model, which appeared a few days ago the chain of production. For a few months, the british brand will have to prepare the assembly line to accommodate the manufacturing of the new model.

This last drive of the Rolls-Royce Phantom VII corresponds with the specifications of long battle, and has been created specifically for a well-known collector models of the british brand, which has not transcended its identity.

This has special finishes and unique, made with a nautical theme. On the dashboard we find a decoration specific inspired by this topic, with a drawing of a boat of the decade of the thirties, and the watches have shapes that mimic the aesthetics of the old dials which used the ships, on which to display 24 different time zones.


Interior custom for an unknown collector of the brand.

the interior of The vehicle is equipped with finishes are very well maintained, with the same customization in areas such as the own wood panels found in the doors or central consoles. the Entire interior is lined in skin color white combined with some zones in a brown tone. The exterior has been painted in one of the shades of blue, to continue the nautical theme.

The Phantom of the extended platform has a length of 6.092 mm, about 25 cms greater than the body standard, and the same engine V12 6.75-liter atmospheric that delivers 460 HP (454 hp) and 720 Nm of torque.

Before the end of this year we should see the presentation of the new Phantom, which will feature a new body made entirely of aluminum and for which we have already seen a few test units while they performed their tests on the open road. Your marketing will already in 2018.