The last teaser from Audi is… what a pancake?

Audi still heating the atmosphere before the launch of his new SUV, the new member of the family Q, the new Audi Q2. Soon, the day of march 1 (if there is no filtration prior), we meet the SUV B-segment Audi, the answer premium to the success of the Nissan Juke, Renault Capture, but while audi prepares us for a pancake in the shape of the front of this Audi Q2.

we had Already made to the idea that the strokes of this new Audi Q2 would follow the marked path, with any logic, by the Audi Q7, something that more or less is sensed also in previous developments, and that seems to be confirmed by this particular advancement.

The rest of the details are still an unknown. We assume that it will be developed on the MQB platform, an assumption easy as easy is also to imagine mechanical as the 1.4 TFSI of 125 horses or the 1.6 TDI 116 horses, variants with all-wheel drive quattro and, of course, that there are no missing models with change S tronic.

there is nothing left to meet the baby of the Audi Q, the little brother of the Audi Q3, will operate the segment of the B SUV premium? what will be concerned in MINI for as it will affect your MINI Countryman the arrival of this new Audi Q2?

Video of advancement, in the form of tortital, the new Audi Q2: