The last warrior of the Group B: to auction the last Ford RS200 made

The auction Driven by Disruption on the next December 10 in New York holds the promise of historic records. In addition to the Ferrari 290 MM Fangio – could that be the Ferrari most expensive ever sold – or the Porsche 356 of Janis Joplin, RM Sotheby’s will auction the latest Ford RS200 manufactured. This is not a competition car, it is their version of street, with minor adjustments on the race car. A machine made with the simple purpose of introducing one of the cars faster and more dangerous of the deranged Group B.

Ford was required to produce 200 units of street Ford RS200 to be able to approve his namesake competition.

the Ford RS200 is the last of only 200 units of street manufactured. Dating back to the year 1986 and its chassis number is 169. Interestingly, despite having been manufactured in the Uk in 1986, he remained hidden in the factory Boneham until the year 1994, when it was acquired by a collector in Michigan and sent to the united States. Since then, the Ford RS200 has only changed once over the hands, and the only accessory is not original and equipped the car are a set of new floor mats. That is all.

the Ford RS200 is a queen of garage. From its manufacturing has come 1.960 miles, and it is a car with 29 years of age. The average annual mileage is 67.5 km. Despite this, it has been neatly maintained and is in perfect working order. Unfortunately, their value is intrinsically linked to its mileage, so I doubt that this car go to travel many more miles soon, despite bad we. And this car is a simple instrument of investment, do not hesitate.

At the level of the gear train, keeps intact its engine 1.8 turbo four-cylinder Ford/Cosworth BDT. This engine developed more than 400 HP in versions of competition, but in the streets has 250 CV. This engine, located in a central position-to-back, it sends its power to all four wheels through a manual gearbox five relationships. Version Evolution of the RS200 had a version of 2.1-liter engine BDT and in competition came to develop the tremendous figure of 850 HP, just prior to being banned the Group B.

it Is expected that this machine reaches a considerable value in the auction of Sotheby’s, in just over a month. We simply we dream of a mountain road where you can squeeze your chassis.

Source: GTSPirit
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