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AC Schnitzer we muestr├│ the Falco X6 in Geneva

The coaches had great importance during the past Hall Geneva, and AC Schnitzer was one of them. In their booth we had the opportunity to see first hand the impressive Falcon X6, work carried out on the well-known SUV German who has seen his aesthetics, dynamics and performance have been modified to create this spectacular vehicle.

the basis of The BMW X6 conventional has served to create this vehicle menacing look. Visually impact us the new bodywork of the SUV that adds extra items that are aerodynamic and cooling with a kit that widens their dimensions in 50 mm on the front axle and 90 mm in the rear.

The remarkable widening we add the new suspension AC Schnitzer that reduces the height of the vehicle in 20-30 mm at the front and 15-25 mm at the rear. They could not miss the light-alloy wheels AC1 available in tone bicolor or anthracite matt size of 22 inches, AC1 Forged Racing Rim available in 22-and 23-inch in glossy black finish or two-tone hand polished and other models available to fit our new SUV deportivo.


The trainer modifies the large SUV silhouette coupe in all its variants

In the section mechanic, the Falcon X6 provides higher performance for the entire range. For example in the versions of petrol, the X6 35i goes from 306 to 360 HP, and the BMW X6 M increases its power from the 575 to the 650 HP. They have also received upgrades to the engines diesel, the BMW X6 30d -258-309 CV-, X6 40d -from 313 to 360 HP – and X6 M50d, which increases its power until the 430 HP.

As it could not be of another way, a good engine must be coupled to a good exhaust system that allows us to better appreciate the work exercised in its mechanics. AC Schnitzer has placed at our disposal their exhaust outlets “Racing“, “Sport” and “Sport Black“. For the X6 M reserve its most spectacular silencers, “Carbon Evo“.

The spectacular ACL2 is a BMW M235i 570 CV

As you already know, the other big novelty of the trainer is the ACL2, a work on the BMW M235i with the one who surpasses the BMW M2 series, earning the 570 CV. Also with a body kit with widened very eye-catching and a rear spoiler fixed of enormous dimensions. You can expand the information on the coupe compact at this link: