The latest press release from Honda Great Britain it seems like a practical joke, but it is not


Jazz in its most vibrant color.

A day like today, December 28, , we have to take care of everything that we see in the press, as all media of Spanish-speaking take the opportunity to sneak one or several false news, usually written in a tone that is humorous or satirical. But what we didn’t expect to find was a press release of the british division of Honda the contents of which made us think immediately that this could be a practical joke.

In the Uk, and in any country in anglo-saxon, is celebrated on this day. So it was highly unlikely that a day like today, we doubt a press release is written in the language of Shakespeare, however, the topic, irrelevant, and above all the tone, overly poetic, we were surprised at the first reading.

With phrases such as “we All need a little sunshine in our lives,…” or “The color is not the only thing about the Jazz that will light up your day…”, Honda Uk we describe the peculiar features of its small utility to Jazz when it is charge in the most brilliant colors of his palette, the orange and the yellow.


The range Jazz in our country.

Because that is the reason for the press release, speak only of two of the colors in which the Honda Jazz is currently available, the Sunset Orange and Attract Yellow Pearl, also available in our country with the denominations Sunset Orange and Yellow Attract Pearl. In our judgment, two of the color options more appealing to the sympathetic and technological utility, one of the best and most misunderstood segment in our country.

According to the japanese brand, the choice of these colors makes their drivers “to be more happy – and safe – than most”. Although this is not a simple and joyful conclusion at which he arrived the mark, since is based on the opinions and studies of experts in psychology, such as the web (the name is real, what you can see), and the university Monash University, Melbourne.

According to the experts, the choice of these colours are associated with
people are more happy and game
, in addition to that the yellow might even
increase metabolism, the release of Sling adds that “what
makes it the perfect choice for those that want to lose a few
pounds after Christmas”

editor’s Note: we do Not rule out a possible publication of the same press release by Honda Spain, although we assume that today will not be.