The latest results in 8 videos EuroNCAP 5 stars for all except the Mazda CX-3 and Mitsubishi L-200

The latest results of EuroNCAP , prior to the opening of the Frankfurt Motor Show in a few weeks, they’re here. And before us an array of models, usually SUV and minibuses, which have achieved the objective of the 5 star EuroNCAP. The winners have been Volvo XC90 , Audi Q7, Kadjar Renault, Ford Galaxy, Ford S-MAX, Volkswagen Touran and Toyota Avensis, all with five-star EuroNCAP. The Volvo XC90 , as if that were not enough, has been the praises of EuroNCAP by the good impression left their driving assists and systems aimed at preventing accidents.

EuroNCAP: why is it so important for security while insufficient ?

has not been so lucky for the Mazda CX-3, still offering a fairly satisfactory results in crash-test , it has been in four stars for not offering standard braking system emergency. The same has happened with the Mitsubishi L200 , which is four stars for lack of emergency braking system.

Kadjar Renault 5 stars

Volkswagen Touran 5 stars

Volvo XC90 5 stars

Toyota Avensis 5 stars

Ford Galaxy and Ford S-MAX 5 stars

Audi Q7: 5-star

Mazda CX-3: 4 stars

has not achieved the five-star standard not to offer an automatic City emergency braking. If available on certain versions, but EuroNCAP considers that these versions (on top of the range) are not sufficiently relevant to Europe and to rate.

Mitsubishi L200 4 stars

has not achieved five stars for not offering, even as an option, an automatic emergency braking at low speeds.

Source: EuroNCAP
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EuroNCAP: why is it so important for security while insufficient ?

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