The Law Lemon, what is this law and how it protects you against the defective cars?

Ley LimónImagine that at the end of that day comes that you have been waiting for, for so many months. After a few battles you had to fight with the portfolio to trim here and there, the time has come to go to pick up your precious new car. That day you go back to being that child that runs down the stairs with a smile from ear to ear in search of the gifts that brought you santa Claus or The three Kings. Now imagine that this dream becomes a nightmare where there is no man in the sack, but breakdowns, more breakdowns and… yes, you guessed it, another breakdown more. What would happen?

following a video clip posted on the network, the call Law Lemon imposed in united States has reoccupied the news of the motor world. In this video a few days ago you were taught, a buyer australian can’t find another way to protest their faulty vehicle, a Jeep Grand Cherokee after leaving the dealership has not stopped giving problems, they post this little tape on the internet. But, what is this really Law Lemon? We will delve into the topic.

Law Lemon, the guardian angel of the purchaser

ley-limon(7)Nicknamed Law Lemon (Lemon Law), the law “the Magnuson-Moss Warranty” comes to protecting the consumer against a defective product from the factory even when the same product has exceeded the warranty imposed by the manufacturer. Although this Federal Law has different reviews depending on the state in which we find ourselves, provides the same solution in all of the repair, replacement or even refund the product in question without that on the part of the purchaser has any expenditure.

of course, this law not only protects those who purchase a tourism, but also to the buyer of a truck, commercial vehicle, motorbike, boat and even to those who acquire a wheelchair. In all these cases the manufacturer is obliged to fix the defect of the factory by means of any of the three pathways that we have previously pointed out, has crowded the time that you have to be.

Guarantee of Secrecy

MecánicoAlthough this is not finished here. In the same way, manufacturers are required to notify to the National Highway Traffic Safetty Administration (NHTSA), an administration similar to the DGT-oriented security and control of what runs along the roads of the south american country, and to each official dealer, defects found in the models that are sold in the united States in addition to the solution presented in each case.

this obligation is known as Guarantee of Secrecy, and, as its name suggests, normally, everything stays a secret. Few are the companies that declared officially, these defects in his models, coming to light on rare occasions. To clothe the purchaser with the same administration of which we speak, the NHTSA, makes available to the affected one list with the models that include a manufacturing defect, of whatever type.

ley-limon(8)In this case, if once we have purchased our vehicle we began to meet with failures, we may revise this publication, also known as “Technical Service Bulletin”, both in the NHTSA as the official dealer in order to check that the model is within this Guarantee of confidentiality. Yes, to be able to take advantage of this special warranty, the said vehicle must have passed all the fixes listed by the manufacturer in Official repair Shop.

Logically, with a simple breakdown, although it seems strange taking into account that the car is new, we cannot resort to the Law Lemon, we must give the opportunity for the manufacturer to remedy the problem. If this the problem persists after a number of attempts to “reasonable”, it is time to go to the seller to put the claim relevant. Yes, you must submit all of the required information which in this case will be the revisions completed by the manufacturer and all the visits that you’ve had to make to the Workshop Officer.

The “Lemon Cars” of 2014 and why this name is so funny

Ley limón

once in a when you touch a lemon

Thanks to these claims and the so-called Technical Service Bulletin that in the previous lines we have mentioned, the Center for Auto Safety publishes a list every year with the models most problematic that year. Using the data it collects to the NHTSA, the past year 2014 the same non-governmental organization concluded that the cars with more problems all year are the Nissan Pathfinder, Infinite QX60, Ford Focus or Hyundai Santa Fe. A few models that although in some cases they are sold in our country, they can have characteristics unique to this country, not in line at all with the versions that travel on our roads.

These cars that are defective and in general, for any product is faulty or breaks frequently, in the English-speaking is known as a “lemon”. We have to go back to 1909 to find the birth of this word that were registered, then the american English to make reference to something useless.

Law Lemon outside its borders, in Spain we can only cross your fingers

Jeep defectuoso videoclipTo begin with this review of the Law Lemon we spoke about a video that was in the scene this law despite the fact that, as I have said, is in force in the united States, and the protagonist of the video is australian. The main goal of the Teg Seth, the affected, is that in your country contemplate the possibility of introducing this law, being only Canada that echoes of this legislation.

In our country the law is even more permissive with this topic. The dealer only we will change the car to a new one if the mechanics after several attempts they are unable to repair it. Up here the thing don’t look so bad, but not suspiréis of tranquility. In case that, as I tell the mechanics not to give a solution and the company finally give us another new car, the manufacturer we are able to claim the expenses on taxes which must be addressed by the new unit, that is to say, the VAT and the Registration Tax.


in The same way the law does not cover these costs nor also does not specific the number of attempts that the shop has to give a solution to the fault. Usually they happen about three opportunities, although the dealer will not agree in the majority of cases. Finally you’ll have to put a claim accompanied by the expert report of the vehicle, a report that the seller will deliver it to the brand to resolve this uncomfortable situation.

if this were not enough, once again, the law does not cover, and the dealer is not obliged to assign to us a vehicle of courtesy while the our is in repair tasks. Yes, there is a directive on the protection of the consumer who understands that more than 20 days without your vehicle creates a prejudice that must be put solution the workshop.

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