The legislation Euro6 6 key: you have to know and how it affects you

From September 1 this year, every new car sold in Europe must comply with antipollution regulations Euro6 . These regulations, imposed at Community level by the European Commission, aims to achieve a significant reduction of emissions of toxic gases – such as nitrogen oxides – from new cars. The extensive use of AdBlue and other advanced anti-pollution systems in diesel engines are a result of these regulations. We tell how it affects you and how you can benefit from the new Euro6.

1) Euro6 seeks to reduce emissions of NO x and PM. What are they?

also requires a reduction in the levels of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons in combustion.

The main objective of the legislation is Euro6 reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides (NO X ) and particulate matter (PM) emitted by cars and commercial vehicles, a particularly strict coercion to heavy commercial. The Euro6 also seeks to reduce emissions of other harmful gases, but the role – to be dangerous – is this toxic couple. Both nitrogen oxides and particulate matter are natural products from the combustion of hydrocarbons .


2) The reduction from the Euro5 standard is very severe

With respect to the Euro 5, engines Diesel cycle pass issuing a maximum 180 mg / km only 80 mg / km of nitrogen oxides. Forget units, and you will see that it is a reduction of almost 56% . The emission limit particulate matter is not reduced compared to the 4.5 mg / km today. In gasoline vehicles the maximum nitrogen oxide, which is 60 mg / km, unchanged from the Euro 5 is not altered. The same applies to particles suspended in itself very low in a gasoline engine.

3) especially affects diesel-powered cars … and legislate against them

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Both nitrogen oxides and particulate matter are very harmful to our respiratory system. The dieselizaci√≥n of our cities during the past 25 years has caused a dramatic increase in air pollution. These waste products are more present in the combustion of gas oil fuel. The problem is that for years Europe’s fiscal policies have supported – and some Spanish as they still do -. Unceremoniously diesel engines

diesel-ahorro Now it is when lawmakers fall into error after several European cities exceed all the thresholds recommended by the WHO , including Madrid and Barcelona. In France it is already legislating against diesel engines – valued ban in central Paris – and Madrid already pay more for parking regulated if our vehicle is old and therefore more polluting. A mismatch between past policies, current political and economic equality that is not the time to value.

4) the price of more expensive diesel cars

You know what is AdBlue? We’ll tell you everything in this particular background.

The tightening of emission regulations forcing car makers to introduce expensive pollution control systems for diesel engines. In the case of particulate filters, which are required for the introduction of Euro 5. The main novelty of the Euro6 is that a large part of the market diesel cars will have to mount selective catalysts , also called SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction). They are expensive systems that require maintenance.

cuidar-motor-diesel-01-1440px Catalysts SCR injected urea – also called AdBlue – on the exhaust, effectively eliminating virtually all nitrogen oxides. The problem is that the diesel car will carry an AdBlue tank that must be recharged by adding cost and complexity to maintaining our car . In each review, touches recharge AdBlue. Another system that some manufacturers are using traps NO X , a different type of advanced catalyst that requires no maintenance.

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The advantage of the pitfalls of NO X do not require maintenance. The idea behind this is that these systems are expensive. The manufacturers have struggled to develop a lot of money and effort, and this is reflected in an increase of the purchase price of a car to the consumer. That is why diesel engines make less sense than ever , unless you’re going to make a pipe in which absolutely prevails average consumption. If you’re traveling a short distance, buy a gas.


6) Some cars and engines disappear from the market

The legislation will end Euro6 silently with tens of engines and cars.

Some car manufacturers will not be interested to adapt their engines to the rules Euro6 either by cost or difficulty. Some engines may disappear and even some cars , usually in the last part of its life cycle. The vast majority of manufacturers have recently released propellers and other have adapted their existing engines to Euro6, no frills, no big announcements. But after this legislation important changes are hidden in the anti-pollution systems.


6) An opportunity: buying stocks Euro5 and saves thousands of euros

In any change of antipollution regulations is no chance of saving. I mean, many dealers will in the coming months getting rid of their stock of Euro5 vehicles at prices considerably lower that new Euro6. If you offer a car with the same engine in Euro 5 and Euro6, chances are that the former is cheaper, antipollution systems simpler and less delicate. This situation will only be for a few months, take advantage of it.

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