The Lexus RC 200t will not come to Spain, Do you Know why?


Lexus RC 200t during the presentation in Mallorca

Lexus has had to make a tough decision: the RC 200t not be placed on the market in Spain. The variant turbo four-cylinder petrol is penalized by our tax dollars of enrolment in the section of the 9,75% which has an impact on a selling price high, so much so that the manufacturer has realized that it would not make sense in the end.

it is Not because the Lexus RC 200t is a bad sport, nor much less: it enjoys excellent performance, attractive aesthetic little view and rear differential Torsen in versions F Sport. The problem is that your range is unbalanced because at the dealership next to the RC 200t we would find alternative hybrid RC 300h for a price 5.000 euros lower (approximately) and features not so far away.


The engine of the Lexus RC 200t

Would be difficult to convince a customer to buy a variant significantly more expensive to change 22 HP of extra power (the maximum power of the hybrid will provide it as long as the battery allows), performance slightly better (it takes almost a second less to complete the 0 to 100 km/h) and increased fuel consumption. Take a look at the comparison table between the two models:

Lexus RC 200t vs RC 300h

Lexus RC 200t Lexus RC 300h
Engine 2.0 liters 2.5-liter hybrid
Power max (HP) 245 223
maximum Torque (Nm) 350 221
Consumption (l/100 km) 7,2 4,7
Emissions (g/km CO2) 166 108
Acceleration 0 to 100 km/h (sec) 7,5 8,6


the rear of The Lexus RC 200t

Given this context, sales of the Lexus RC 200t would not have sufficient volume as to justify their presence in our market. So for the moment the version of four-cylinder will not come to our country, unless you change the table of allocation of percentages of the registration taxes or your own sport becomes efficient enough as to enter the lower section.

In the stretch of the 9,75% of registration tax enter any vehicle whose emissions are equal to or greater than 160 g/km of CO2. As you can see above the RC 200t approvals 166, staying to the gates of 4.75% for only 7 grams. Hopefully in an update of the vehicle to reduce this figure so much that you could have a sale price more competitive in our country, it is certain that other soldrah and I’m sure that will be quite successful.