The Lexus RX seven-seat is closer! Could debut at the Auto Salon of Tokyo

Rumors rumors…so begins this story. We had been talking about since a long time ago about a possible version suitable for seven passengers todocamino largest of the japanese firm, the Lexus RX 2017. In march 2016, Lexus confirmed that it would develop this variant, but since then no news about this project. And that has already happened more than a year.

Now, in the Salon Automobile de Tokyo that will begin the 27 of October of this year, it is possible to see this new version of the Lexus RX, with more space available for their passengers. As stated by the guys from the japanese magazine Mag-X, the new Lexus RX you would use the same platform as the model that today is sold in markets all over the world.

To increase the livability of the SUV and japanese to be able to accommodate two occupants, more, Lexus would increase the rear overhang and not the distance between the axles. Without a doubt, this is the simplest solution, and probably more effective. As a consequence of increasing the rear overhang, side window rear also lengthen, while respecting all the other proportions of the car.

The Lexus RX 2017 account with a – hybrid system 313 CV, produced by the union of a petrol engine V6 3.5 liter that produces 262 HP and two electric motors, 68 and 167 HP each, located in the axles front and rear respectively. The opponents of this large SUV japanese are the Porsche Cayenne or the Volvo XC90.

Already in 2015 we chased this elongated version of the SUV segment And Lexus. In them, in addition to make it clear that it was an RX due to the lines so sharp and aggressive with this model, we could clearly observe the rear overhang extended. Without a doubt, this variant more extensive will be a great option for families with numerous high-class as the Lexus RX from the € 70,000.

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From 69,600 persons euros