The Lifan X50 is one of the novelties of the Motor Buenos Aires


Among the new Lifan is prepared to take to Motor Show in Buenos Aires is the crossover [1.99901 million] X50 A Product to be located below the SUV X50 and above hatchback [1.99901 million] 330


H ace met some months intentions of the Chinese brand Lifan landing at Argentine market , although the order of arrival of any of the models in its range appears to have been altered from the original idea.

At the time it was announced that the landing would be accompanied SUV X60 and hatchback [1.99901 million] 330, famous for being a kind of imitation of the MINI Cooper when his previous evolution it was called 320.

The X50 is one of the attractions of Lifan in the Hall of Buenos Aires.

Something smaller

However, among the novelties that will be presented under the Motor Show in Buenos Aires X50 is the SUV, his older brother. Strictly speaking the truth, it’s An hatchback [1.99901 million] with aesthetics crossover , pointing to similar products produced in the region.

The Lifan X50 is based on the same platform using the sedan 530 and has a body of just over four meters long. Under the hood, it has a 1.3-liter engine with 93 hp or 1.5 liter 102 horsepower associated with both an automatic five-speed manual gearbox or CVT .

Local operation Lifan be articulated in a first stage based on a network of six dealers , two of them located in the City of Buenos Aires and the rest in Greater Buenos Aires. 2016 would advance to the rest of the province and to the big cities like Córdoba and Rosario. [1.99902 million]





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