The life of Enzo Ferrari in 11 phrases


The human history of the builder the most famous of all
times is very different to the professional and was punctuated by the tragedy on many occasions: something that shaped his character and changed over time.

Born in the bosom of a
wealthy family, Enzo had problems with their parents for the insistence that he showed in developing his passion for racing. Being quite young, I
World war took his father and his older brother, being
near death himself after contracting a strong pneumonia
during your stay in the forehead.

With the business of the sports already established, War II
The world was about to end it all and bombing you
forced to move the factory out of Modena to Maranello
. Later, his son
he died in 1956, as a result of muscular dystrophy, something
that marked him for life and led him to bear permanently their
famous glasses black in sign of mourning.

“I’ve Never been an engineer or inventor, I just
I think a promoter and agitator of ideas”.

Enzo Ferrari had a personality very marked and his
determination was almost unbreakable to the point of becoming
in stubbornness on many occasions. As he himself recognized, more than
an inventor or designer, was the catalyst that allowed its
employees create
. Engineers like Vittorio Jano, Aurelio Lampredi,
Gioacchino Colombo, Carlo Chiti or Mauro Forghieri could design
some of the best machines in the motorsport world, but
they also had to cope with the considerations, ‘tips’ and
hobbies of a Enzo Ferrari of ideas too fixed at times.

“When you buy a Ferrari, you are paying for the engine.
The rest I give it for free”.

Enzo Ferrari, definitely influenced by your stage of growth
professional, I thought that the engines of their cars should be
sublime. When he began to compete with his own Scuderia, Enzo
had to take the decision to build sports to finance
. All of them were equipped with engines imposing and that
marked clearly the character of each model.


For Enzo Ferrari, the soul of a machine residing on your engine.

“aerodynamics is for failures who do not know how to do

The belief that the cars had to be equipped with the best engine
possible and the rest was something secondary also became apparent in
the world of competition. At the time of the flowering of the
aerodynamics in the late 60s, Ferrari was one of the
computers that most problems had to adapt to the times.

“I do not know how the soul is, but if it exists, the
engines must have one because they complain, despair, rebel and
they behave like children that way, day-to-day”.

For Enzo, the engines had the ability to come to life, of
give soul to a car and to become the best friend of the
driver. Sound, strength, character… the engines Ferrari had
your own personality.


The Ferrari 250 GTO is considered one of the most beautiful automobiles in history.

“When I say that my cars consume too much or that are
too dangerous for its power, makes me want to laugh. Life
it is a daily consumption of energy and risk”.

a Man of strong character and vigorous, Enzo created in a certain way
their machines in the image and likeness of what he himself was. And
criticizing a Ferrari, was the same as criticising him. It cost him to admit that Ferrari should start building cars of the central engine and the same thing happened with the turbo engines.

“The car got is the one in which I think with
stubborn insistence, but that has not yet been made”.

Its success is due, in large part, thanks to his eagerness to win-in
the track – and for offering their customers a level of exclusivity
incomparable-in the world of automotive trade. A goal:
always go a step further, improving on each creation.

“The Ferrari is a dream, a dream for the lucky few
they have it, and for the majority of people who do not”.

Soon the Ferrari, which took its characteristic red of the
era in which each country was assigned its own color to the
competition, became an object of desire for all
lovers of the cars. Who could have them, they wanted one in their
collection. Those who could only imagine next to one, the
they worshipped with passion.


in Front of the house in which Enzo Ferrari spent the last years of his life inside the factory of Maranello, some of the models of the brand, always desired by the lovers of cars.

“Behind the success there is something terrible. The italians
forgive everything: the thieves, the killers, minus the success”.

The success of Ferrari in the competition came invariably
linked to the tragedy, as has been the norm in the competition until
the end of the TWENTIETH century. All the builders were on the receiving end, but
maybe Ferrari was most criticized. Something that, according to ‘Il
Commendatore’, stemmed from the success.

“Whatever my relationship with a pilot, when I
leaving before a competition we hugged and kissed as if
out the last time. I knew I was going to a race, but no one
assured me that I would get back”.

everyone who is competing at that time knew any
race or test could be the last. Enzo Ferrari suffered from such
so the drama of seeing the death of the pilots on their creations
mechanical, little by little, he was retreating into Maranello to flee
of public criticism, always fierce in Italy.


Gilles Villeneuve was the pilot whose relationship with Enzo Ferrari was more special.

“he taught Us to appreciate the forces that the mechanical parts have to withstand when a pilot finds himself the face of the unknown”

If there is a driver that Enzo Ferrari admired above all and wanted as a child, that was Gilles Villeneuve. The young canadian has fascinated the Enzo by the passion, ferocity, and unwavering determination that appeared in every subway they went with a steering wheel in your hands. Honest as few, Gilles never was afraid to be honest with Ferrari, something that will also captivated. Of a mode loving, Enzo was The ‘Prince of Destruction’ for his peculiar and combative style.

“I have chosen the automobile as a symbol of extreme freedom
for the man”.

Enzo Ferrari built his own success on the basis of struggle, sacrifice and hard work. Life treated cruelly in many moments of his life, but was able to get ahead based on hard work and determination. The catalyst that kept his soul and his mind united were the cars. Only they were able to provide that essential feeling of freedom and happiness.