The Lift could be the salvation or the perdition of Maserati

No one is going to wonder or be scandalized of the bad economic situation of the Group FCA, especially of certain branches Italian. Lancia is in a vegetative state and just waiting for things to get better for at least trying to save himself. Maserati is not in the best state, and the Lift will be key to the future of the company.


Levante are last in their tests, part of them carried out at the Nürburgring

this has been admitted by one of the members of management of the brand, Giulio Pastore. It knows the important role played by the SUV in the european market current, but that does not mean that a model of the characteristics of the Lift is well received by customers. Here is the problem, and the suspense to which you are facing in Italy.

Among the rivals of the Maserati Levante should be highlighted to the rest of the premium SUVS on the market, as the BMW X5, Audi Q7, Mercedes GLE, Porsche Cayenne and Range Rover. Although we all more or less equal in quality and performance, depending on the versions of course, few will be at the height of the economic Maserati, which is probably the most expensive.

The brand expects to sell up to 70,000 units per year by 2018, the full range, we mean clear. The arrival and good reception of the Maserati Ghibli has enabled the brand to take a little bit of air, but still with the belt at the neck, and will be the Lift the ends of desnivelar the balance, whether for good or for evil.

in The Levant, to which we have already seen with your body final, swill be officially presented at the forthcoming Geneva, in march of next year. We expect many things from this, their first SUV, performance, power, luxury, design… Maserati has taken the things in stride, knowing the importance of the model.


The Alfieri will come if and when the economic situation permits

In the years ahead, and whenever the economic conditions allow, the intention of the Italian house is to continue to expand its range of sporting, its good to do. The Maserati Alfieri would delight us all by your design, the more similar the concept better, and their performance. A work of art that will hopefully be able to see in reality, because in the end no one wants the demise of a brand like Maserati.