The little brother of the Porsche Panamera comes to light for the first time


Looks like a mule test more of the Panamera, but in reality it is not

If you follow our news you will know that as usual we are talking about future models that will hit the market. Models a few years ago, nor could we imagine. Porsche is one of those brands that are expanding their fleet. A range that falls short if we compare it with the one that will have in a few years, where will units like the one we see today for the first time, the little brother of the Porsche Panamera.

What we said at the beginning of this course when you count the plans of Porsche until 2020. Among the many models that we will see come out of the factories of Stuttgart there is one with which the germans have a special fixation. A rival for the BMW 5 Series the best sports sedan of the segment. That future opponent will not come until 2018, but today it has ceased to see for the first time.

it Is early to determine how it will be aesthetically. Well it is true that a priori we can observe a body modified for the Porsche Panamera, which we could well be confused with any of the mules testing of the next generation roll out across Europe. But it is not. Panamera looks, but it is not.


When you view a flat central one notices that the distance between axes is less than that of the Panamera

Forget about aesthetics and focus on your form. If we take the lateral image we see as the battle of this prototype is shorter than that of the Panamera, much more. It makes us see that we are in a car smaller than the sedan from Porsche, to which you have modified various panels of the body to itself to make it fit in the chassis.

As we have already said Porsche has a very special fixation with the BMW 5-Series. They know that in dynamic themes is the rival to beat, and that is why we have put in place to achieve this. We are at a very early stage of development, and by the time the chassis seem to be being put to the test.

There are many things that are unknown for the moment. From the name to the final design. However, we know that this Porsche Panamera junior will have a range mechanical very wide and staggered, reaching units diesel, petrol and even hybrid. Of course, there will be the version to rival the BMW M5, 2018, with a power that should be around 600 horses.


By the time the chassis seems to be being put to the test

We are looking at the first few pages of a book never written by Porsche. there is Still a lot to discover how to end up being this vehicle of the segment E, but Porsche is in the process of expansion. An expansion that will culminate in 2020 when giving birth to their first compact, which we have already shown you a preview.