The LMP1 private will be punished if they exceed Toyota


it Is inevitable that the use of any system of ‘Balance of Performance’, whatever their name, origin or format, awaken controversy. The top category of the WEC seems not to be an exception in that the the arrival of the system ‘Equivalence of Technology’ has already generated the first doubts. However, the method used by FIA and ACO to zoom in capabilities between the LMP1 private and the Toyota TS050 Hybrid does not seem at all clear. Be that as it may, what is decisive is that the WEC will be able to penalize the LMP1 private than the Toyota.

Such as well and under this headline, it might seem that the goal is that no one can cough Toyota as the only manufacturer in the category LMP1 with a prototype hybrid. However, the explanation goes further and makes reference to the procedure used by FIA and ACO to adjust the performance of the BR Engineering BR1, by the Ginetta G60-LT-P1 and the Oreca R13. However, Vincent Beaumesnil explained in ‘Autosport’ that any prototype non-hybrid than the Toyota TS050 Hybrid will be punished because the only way to get this done is that the manufacturer has falsified performance data.

In other words, the WEC understands that the level subtracted at the Toyota TS050 Hybrid and delivered to the LMP1 private about their performance to the maximum, without it being possible that the latter exceed in absolute terms to the prototype hybrid for the conditions and that any disruption outside of normal it is because the competitors and manufacturers would have provided deliberately inaccurate information about their performance. These possible sanctions refer mainly to the ‘Equivalence of Technology’ prior to the 24 Hours of Le Mans, as until then no modifications may be made, even if the LMP1 private are substantially slower.