The load-Ultra-And rapid will be a reality in the year 2018

Nissan Leafmost of The brands of the automotive sector want to have an electric vehicle in their ranges in a matter of half a decade. Many of them have not been encouraged even by the doubts that still arise in the customers the autonomy and durability of their batteries. However, each day that passes is improving the autonomy of these as well as shortening the time needed for customers to be fully loaded.

The markings with electric models already established in the market are the Alizanza Renault-Nissan and BMW. The others are slowly introducing their offspring. Some of them, among which are the first two along with Audi have partnered with other companies with greater knowledge on the electric cars to develop a fast charging system implantable on a European level, no later than the year 2018.


Ultra-E born of the hand of these brands and Hubject or Allego and want in as little as twenty minutes the customer can charge the batteries of your electric car and can travel up to 300 kilometres. As has happened in the united States, that will create multiple runners to feed the batteries of the electric americans, the European Union contributed 6.5 million euros to the project.

The basic idea that pursuing this project is to create a network of charging points for electric cars throughout all of Europe. The countries in which it will begin to be implemented will be Germany, Countries Bájos, Belgium and Austria with about 25 stations. So that they can be of utility to the consumer of electric cars in the distance that will be between each of the stations will be between 120 and 150 km.

With these distances, you could cover about 1,100 kilometres between the first and the last station. In them, the installed power will go from the current 50 Kw and 120 amps to 400 Kw and 400 amps, making the recharging time (in according to the type of electric vehicle) vary sensiblmente to the floor.

We will be at tentos to see if named to Spain, and the network of chargers Ultra-E to the skin of a bull.

Source – Ultra-E