The Local Police of Santander used a stolen car, the owner claims


At the end of November 2013, a Skoda Octavia color black enrolled in 2005 was stolen in Santander, and the owner complained to the Local Police. He did not know of him until recently, what has been seen driving around the city, and is in the hands of the Local Police, specifically that of the chief of the municipal body.

According to the magazine Intervi├║, the car appeared a few days after the theft on a downtown street of the city without the receipt of regulated parking, and the car was removed by crane on the way to the tank. Despite the fact that there was a complaint, was not notified to the owner the recovery of the car.

The Octavia in question was heavily equipped, with most of the options range of high-quality available in 2005, such as xenon headlamps, leather seats heated, etc The owner, Peter M. H., said that it cost around 30,000 euros, so that was not a basic engine versions.

According to the city Hall, it was all done legally

Three months later the car appeared listing in the Official Bulletin of Cantabria, considered scrap, had it not been claimed by the owner, who gave it by lost. The information published in official gazettes is given by notified to the interested, but not read it.

The news was published yesterday, but this is not a practical joke to be included in the paper edition of Interview of the day 28. The version of free access does not provide more information, the full version is reserved for digital subscribers of the magazine.