The logo of the Tesla Model 3 is similar to that of Adidas?

Tesla Model 3

identity of a brand is something vital for that customers to distinguish it from among its rivals. All (in general) the signatures feature a logo that makes it visible and allows you to perform advertising without the need of displaying more information than the icon that represents it. The problem arises when two firms agree the basic features of logos, both of which could give rise to errors and therefore to confuse the customers of both companies.

So that this situation does not, the patent and trademark office or the registration of industrial property, the country in issue of the company, is responsible for ensuring that different companies keep respect to each other. However, even with this protection, there are still companies that do not keep a minimum of respect towards intellectual property of their rivals. As the most notorious example we have of what happens in the automotive sector among the companies of chinese origin and european.

Tesla Model 3 logo

the last case of coincidence or similar (I don’t know where it is) has emerged between the logo of the new Tesla Model 3, which employs Adidas in some of its products. According to the firm sportswear the logo with which the u.s. firm will mark its new saloon electric collides head-on against the one that they already employ some of their products. For this reason, have asked the manufacturer to remove the logo from your model or change it by another, since that could mislead the firm’s clients at the time of purchasing the product.

Adidas vs Tesla

To prevent its use, Adidas presented before the Office of Patents and Trademarks of the united States a document in which he asked that amparase your right to use it exclusively. The reason they have given is that Tesla could use the same logo in a hypothetical collection of clothing or caps, and therefore could take advantage of the good reputation of Adidas to increase sales of these merchandising products.

in the Face of such outrageous Elon Musk, founder and CEO of Tesla, has already jumped to the fore to clarify that your model is not used logo id three bars you have worn it here and back. In its place you will use the number 3 as a sign of denomination next to the word Model. With this, the problem would be solved and Adidas would be satisfied their demands before the patent office of the american country.

Now, personally, I will say that I do not see an excessive resemblance between the two logos. If we bring this issue to our country, in the Law 15/2007, of 3 July, of Defence of Competition is well noted that if both logos do not affect the same type of activity can coexist without any problem. The story is that if Tesla launches textile products or sports itself would be Adidas protected by the law, but I I throw a question to the signing of sportswear what is the best advertising you can do that the association’s “indirect” of your products to a signature elitist and exclusive as Tesla?

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