The long-awaited BMW Z5 Roadster breaks his silence and come back to haunt you

BMW Z5 - foto espía

The new BMW Z5 will be available in two bodies: coupe and roadster.

After several months without news about the expected BMW Z5 and, in particular, of its roadster variant, we are breaking this particular silence with these new photos spies here. Our photographers have been able to throw the glove to the new BMW Z5 Roadster and, thanks to these new spy photos, we can learn new details about the long-awaited successor to the BMW Z4.

In particular, if we look well in the drive that we have managed to photograph, we can see for the first time the window situated in the rear area of the roof canvas. The previous prototypes photographed lacked it. In addition, if we take a look at the front, we can catch a glimpse of new details of the grill is hidden under the camouflage that BMW continues to maintain.

At the design level, as well ahead of my partner Fran Valley exclusive to the beginning of the year, the new BMW Z5 is characterized by a style of her own distinct from the rest of models of the brand German as well as for a few lines, avant-garde and different characteristic elements such as a hood over, a short rear overhang and a driving position very low. The seats are located practically on the rear axle. And with the passage of time (and various spy photos), we can ratify that as well will be.

BMW Z5 - foto espía

The new BMW Z5 will be mounted on the platform of rear-wheel drive for sports based on the CLAR.

Recall that the range of the BMW Z5 will be composed by two types of body. By a part we will have a model purely Coupe while, on the other, will be the Roadster (here we see) with a canvas roof. Something very similar to what happened in his time with the BMW Z3 Coupe. However, it will not be the only novelty, as we will also find a version M Performance that it’s close to the 600 HP with the purpose of satisfy a the amates of sportsmanship more extreme.

Another aspect to keep in mind about the new BMW Z5 Roadster is that it will be mounted on a platform based on HPLC. Architecture rear wheel drive that BMW used in their sports. Such a platform has already been released by the new BMW 7-Series and gradually extended to the rest of the range of the brand. A platform that will allow the new Z5 be displayed as a model more efficient and safe thanks to the use of lightweight materials of high strength.

¿When it will come to the market? it Is expected that the new BMW Z5 Roadster lands in dealerships in some time in the year 2018. It is for this reason that we cannot rule out a possible presentation to the end of 2017. In any case, we can anticipate that initially you will be introduced to the Z5 Roadster. Then will the above-mentioned BMW Z5 Coupe.