The Los Angeles Police remains with the BMW i3 and charge for 100 units

policia-los-angeles (2) Police Department of Los Angeles (California) is one of the most concerned about the environment and emissions. It has long been interested in the electric vehicles, nothing to do with the supercars of Dubai police. It is made with a BMW i3 and a Tesla Model S and both were to be put to the test a time to subsequently expand the fleet of this security.

After nearly nine months of practice, the Police of Los Angeles has opted for the electric German. For this reason, they have announced the acquisition of 100 units of the BMW i3, which will soon be added to the service. Your destination will not be the impressive persecutions, since its characteristics would not have allowed it. Will work transport officer and initiatives of social action, contrary to an emergency service.

BMW i3 Policía de Los Ángeles The BMW i3 was chosen above the Tesla Model S because that is the best rated in its class by the EPA, for its efficiency, reliability or by their connectivity services. Also because of the infrastructure at the level of charging stations centers and BMW i. Sure that has also influenced by the fact that the Tesla out double expensive the BMW and so would a lot of the bill.

The i3 has an electric motor of 170 HP and has an electric range of 160 kilometres. As part of this agreement, BMW will take care of to design a tool that would allow the Los Angeles Police control your fleet in real-time and in this way improve the services and the efficient use of 100 BMW i3. With this acquisition, we reached the 160 electric vehicles (between car and motorcycle) for this department.

Source – BMW

BMW i3 Policía de Los Ángeles
BMW i3 Policía de Los Ángeles
BMW i3 Policía de Los Ángeles
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policia-los-angeles (2)

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