The Lotus 3-Eleven sweeps Nürburgring! Fastest lap in 7 minutes and 6 seconds, with trick …

This life is not all power. It is preferable to save kilograms, that increase power, especially when what is involved is another against a fast lap on the track. Removing kilograms, and not to increase the power, Lotus knows a lot. Lotus but this happens not only lightweight, but also is strong, very powerful. In fact it is the most powerful Lotus Street history. You will understand as much about the Lotus 3-Eleven rolling in the Green Hell at the Nürburgring by, he had much morbidity. And the result is official: the Lotus 3-Eleven has scored 7 minutes and 6 seconds on his fastest lap at the Nurburgring . In other words. It is faster than a Nissan GT-R NISMO 600 hp and more powerful many sports, and has been surpassed only by the odd supercar illustrious name, as Aventador SV and 918 Spyder.

Lotus 3-Eleven, fun first person with the most powerful ever created Lotus

To be fair, we must also recognize that this Lotus 3-Eleven street only has his approval. It is a sport that has been created by and for the circuits. A batch beast. weighs about 900 kilograms and develops 450 horsepower hand Toyota V6 supercharged . Even has a sequential change Xtrac, a body assembled in a composite material according Lotus is lighter than fiberglass, an aluminum monocoque and lacks roof, and any comfort equipment 40%. Equipment which otherwise is superfluous in a car that is not only designed to run, but to be the fastest.


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The lap 7 minutes and 6 seconds was obtained by combining the best of times in each sector. Still, Lotus believes could lose 7 minutes!

His fastest lap of 7 minutes and 6 seconds was obtained in the same configuration, complete circuit, which is often used for this type of challenge, the original used for many years by the magazine Sport Auto. Talking about his record, and putting them Lotus tells us that spent two weeks filming at the Nurburgring. Two weeks during which they shared track with other cars . The circuit was not reserved exclusively for Lotus batiera his record. That’s when we realized that this record is tricky, but in my opinion still not detract.

Lotus says its track times were lower than initially estimated in computer simulations. The problem is that there was a fast lap in 7 minutes and 6 seconds, as such. And that means we will not see a full video with your lap. These 7 minutes and 6 seconds are obtained by dividing the circuit sections and combining the best of times , taken with calibrated measuring systems well in each sector. We understand that with the Nürburgring congestion in those days dedicated to the industry, and the speed of the Lotus had to be virtually impossible to give a completely clear lap record without traffic. Hence reference finally offer this time.

does not seem to me that trick – let us call it – subtract merit to this machine. A real giant killer, able to “stop by the stone” to more powerful, expensive and sophisticated supercars. Moreover, according to Lotus firmly they believe that this car could lose 7 minutes. Big words …

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Lotus 3-Eleven, fun first person with the most powerful ever created Lotus

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