The Lucid Air uses technology driving autonomous of Mobileye, ex-partner of Tesla

Lucid Air

Air, the first vehicle of Lucid Motors, uses the technology driving autonomous of Mobileye, ex-partner of Tesla.

All those who are closely following today regarding the electric vehicle and, more specifically Tesla Motors, you will remember that at the end of last year, 2016, the company led by Elon Musk announced that all of its electric cars out of factory with ability of driving 100% autonomous. However, it was an ad that had a but important, and it is that, while all of the Tesla manufactured shall be fitted with the necessary hardware to operate a driving system autonomous, the software (a key part of the system), is not ready for the moment.

therefore, there is still a long time to see a Tesla Model S, Model X or a Model 3, circulating in a completely autonomous without the intervention of the driver. Currently Tesla Motors continues to improve its system Autopilot driving assisted, in the past was developed in collaboration with the company Mobileye. And although currently no one can compete with the system of Tesla, one of the companies that have emerged in recent years to cope with the popular brand of electric cars has signed an important agreement.

we Talk about Lucid Motors. The company that was introduced a few weeks ago the Lucid Air, its first model, has announced that its models are endowed with the technology driving autonomous Mobileye, who was a partner and collaborator of Tesla Motors. But, despite this agreement, the manufacturer of recent creation makes it clear that you don’t want to get into a fight face-to-face with Tesla.

Lucid Air

Lucid Air, a saloon-electric luxury four-seater with 1,000 HP and 643 kilometres of autonomy.

yes, thanks to the cooperation with Mobileye, the Lucid Air will be equipped with cameras, radars and sensors necessary for, in the future, integrate a system of driving 100% independent. With this, they note in a press release that it will offer a complete, advanced and effective system of driving power, in the future, to make a transition to “logic and safe driving autonomous.

Mobileye also provide Lucid Motors of two chips EyeQ4 per vehicle for the system of “primary vision” and, like the system Autopilot Tesla, the Lucid Air will incorporate eight cameras. With this movement it is clear that Lucid seeks to follow the steps that have led to the current global success that it enjoys Tesla. However, the fact that after a time of collaboration with Mobileye to Tesla decided to follow up on their own and develop as well as improve on its own its system Autopilot, is a factor to be taken into account.

Currently, and following the presentation of the Lucid Air, the company is still working and taking steps firm to make ready for its first electric vehicle by the end of next year 2018. Its price will start from 60,000 euros and will be produced in a factory that Lucid Motors is going to build in Casa Grande, Arizona (united States). Focused to a very public exclusive, data like 1000 HP or autonomy higher than 640 kilometres will help to capture the attention of potential buyers.