The luxury british Rolls-Royce (and his new SUV) will be lighter thanks to the aluminum

Rolls-Royce are not cars precisely light. The Phantom weighs over 2.7 tonnes and the Ghost far exceeds the two tons. A new SUV is in development – is nicknamed “Cullinan” for the moment – and one of its fundamental pillars will be a strict diet to aluminum base. Rolls-Royce is immersed from a year ago in the development of a new platform type spaceframe, which will form the basis of future models of the range, being common to all the models launched from 2018.

The name that Rolls-Royce has given this platform is simple: The Architecture of Pure Luxury.

Yes, even Rolls-Royce is pointed at the car of the modular platform, despite being virtually a studio car of very limited production. This new platform will make extensive use of aluminum in its construction, and could reduce the weight of the leviathans largest Rolls-Royce in several hundreds of pounds. The news is that the platform is already rolling in the streets, accumulating kilometers and kilometers to its launch into the market meet the standards of Rolls-Royce.


Dubbed by Rolls-Royce as “the architecture of the pure luxury”, this process of commissioning seeks to ensure that future guests continue to enjoy the quality of rolling extreme that the mark has become famous. At the same time – and taking into account the plurality of geographic of its customers and the fact that going to be the basis of a SUV should be resistant to any climatic condition. It makes sense, some customers will test your Rolls-Royce in the heat of the desert, others on icy surfaces.

The mules that Rolls-Royce will begin to move all over the world will be camouflaged, and really anticipate a new generation of vehicles, which will share this aluminum structure. As I said, the first model in brand new this platform will be the Cullinan, a SUV that will be released not before 2017. The first SUV of the british brand, that promises to redefine the luxury end of the segment, positioning itself ahead of its main rival, the Bentley Bentayga.

Source: Rolls-Royce
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