The M Cactus Concept Citroen escapes early


Mehari twenty-first century will have its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in a few days. But the first image of Citroen Cactus M already leaked over the Internet.


Citroen-Cactus-M-Mehari-Concept E n Frankfurt Motor Show that starts in a few days, Citroën will be showing a prototype, based qur to C4 Cactus, evoke the mythical Mehari , in a sort of version of the XXI century.

a few days ago Citroen ahead of this prototype with a curious picture, because through their channels in social networks showed a picture of a surfboard, with which without showing nothing car passed us where to point the thing. In the picture you could see an emblem with an M, which means that your name will Cactus M and as a good prototype, will have among its eccentricities a surfboard matching.

But today an image is filtered through Internet, which shows a side view of the XXI Century Mehari, looking the same colors the surfboard shown by Citroën days ago. If it is legitimate or not we do not know, but if it is not, we have managed to deceive.

To know the truth will have to wait just a few days.




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