The Mahindra e20 is preparing its landing in Europe. This month you will come to the Uk

Mahindra & Mahindra already has a list of their offensive to carry the electric e20 to the global markets and the Uk will be the first markets to receive it, this same month.

Mahindra-e20El Mahindra e20 is an electric car, which is preparing its landing in several global markets. In the Uk you will arrive with some improvements compared to the model that is currently marketed in India and is expected to offer an autonomy of 120 kilometers with a full charge of its batteries.

To comply with european law on the approval, Mahindra has equipped the e2o with additional features such as airbags, antilock brake system, stability control and tire pressure monitoring.

Your marketing will have the particularity, as the car that will be produced in India, may only be purchased through the internet, and not through the distribution network of Mahindra. The buyer will be able to check online the features and specifications of the car, book a test drive and receive the vehicle in his house. The service of maintenance of the e20 will be in charge of a mobile unit that will provide the service at home.

Still unaware of the features of the Mahindra e20 with european specifications, but the version that is sold in India has 3280 mm long, 1514 mm width and 1560 mm high, with a wheelbase of 1958 mm and a weight of 830 kg. It is expected that the weight increase in the european versions, because of the new safety equipment.

Uses a system of lithium-ion batteries of 6.4 kWh, which requires five hours for a full load and an engine that produces 25 HP.