The manipulation of the consumption of VW causes other 3,000 million in losses


Today has been another black day in the trading of Volkswagen AG on the Frankfurt stock exchange. Because of the announcement yesterday, in which it supports other manipulation (fuel consumption and CO2 emissions), the shares have fallen with force. In the opening there was already a great loss of value, of 111 euros by the close of Tuesday, to 102 euros of the opening today.

the news of The new handling went out with parquet flooring, closed, so that the effect is noticed between the closing and the opening. The value of Volkswagen has been dropped, just today, 3,000 million euros. If we take into account the collapse of the September 18, when it jumps to the media the #Dieselgate, has lost the third part of the value, or 24.000 million euros.

Volkswagen closed to 100,45 € today

, The value prior to the crisis of the emissions was 162,40 euros. As can be seen in the graph, the fall has been impressive, and have to lose 100 euros per title in a matter of hours. There is only to wait for the opening of Frankfurt tomorrow:


share price of Volkswagen AG at the close of the November 4,

800.000 cars with approvals very optimistic

Volkswagen has announced a fuel consumption and CO2 emissions lower than they should be, up to 15% of deviation. There are two direct consequences: the client sees more difference between the actual consumption and of the technical, and you may have paid less the registration tax for which he played.

Are affected engines 1.4 TDI, 1.6 TDI and 2.0 TDI manufactured from 2012. In terms of gasoline, the 1.4 TSI ACT, with automatic deactivation of cylinders. The affected models include the Volkswagen Golf and Polo, Audi A1 and A3, SEAT Ibiza and Skoda Octavia.

it is not Yet known if the manufacturer will be forced to pay the taxes that these cars are not paid, or worse, having to give money back to the governments for not being cars as “green”. at The end will end up giving the reason to the minister José Manuel Soria, which confused CO2 with NOx and threatened to call for the return of aid.


Cars such as the Audi A1 TDI make “combo”, their emissions of CO2 and NOx are higher than declared, as well as the consumption approved

The manufacturer offered a preliminary calculation, 2,000 million euros just to tackle this particular problem. But the research has not finished, and may come to light further manipulation of consumption and/or emissions.

The CO2 is a product of combustion, and is directly proportional to the consumption

If the consumption is increased by 15%, also 15% increased the emissions of carbon dioxide. This gas is not poisonous, unless you have a lot of amount in a closed space.

This gas is bout to be one of the cause of the “greenhouse effect”, not to cause any health problem to anyone. The NOx themselves are dangerous, since they cause a large number of diseases, mainly respiratory.

With or without the manipulation of those from 800,000 cars, would announcing less consumption than they would in a real use. This is less severe.