The manual change will disappear in the united States. Why don’t we buy more machines in Europe?

Jaguar F-Type cambio manual y AWD

it is True that there are automatic changes very good, other normal or acceptable, and some that should improve. The main advantages of the automatic changes are that we forget completely the left pedal and that practically only move the transmission lever to tell the car if we want to go forward or backward; in some models even dispensed with the lever and this order is given by means of buttons. A question: where do you use the clutch and gear lever on a car manual? Logical, in the city.

There are people which tell that once testing a car with automatic transmission you don’t want to go back to driving one with manual transmission. I will not be I who say that automatic transmissions are not comfortable or boring. In much of Europe, and especially in Spain, we have some objection to this kind of change and, in cold weather, it is easy to think that a large proportion of customers does not make things all that well when they buy a vehicle manual to move exclusively by the city.

Then it can be difficult to understand why the majority of automatic vehicles that we buy in Spain are powerful car, of large dimensions and quiet character, which is usually used for traveling. Also, many of the variants automatic that we bought correspond to vehicle media versions of certain athletic skills, which, personally, I think that is preferable to a manual change for what you receive more sensations on the part of the car.

Cambio automático SsangYong Korando

The truth is that it would be logical that the majority of vehicles sold with automatic transmission. The vast majority of vehicles today that are marketed in our market lack of driving sensations and are fully oriented comfortable for what, whatto do a manual change on a car quiet and focused on the comfort? Thinking it cold, it may be that the only clear reason to buy a car “normal” with manual change is the lower cost, both in purchase and in maintenance.

on the other hand, and although most purists will be able to sit badly wrong, brands as mythical and passionate as Ferrari have already forgotten what it is to sell one of their products with manual transmission. The very low demand of manual change has done to the “prancing horse” stop marketing products with three pedals. Also BMW neglects the changes manual in the M5 and M6. Porsche, however, and although the vast majority of their products are sold with automatic transmission, continues to offer several models with manual changes, such as the Porsche 911R, for example.

Another great example is the market of the united States. There have always been very automatic changes, among other things, because its geography is much more straightforward, without so many mountains and changes in elevation as we have here. In addition, by rule, its proponents are of large displacements and high torque motor. In 1992, only 25% of cars are sold with manual shift mode, quotas are very different to the european.

on The contrary, on this side of the Atlantic, in the united States is more typical to see a manual gearbox in a performance car in a vehicle daily, although in the last years the percentage of manual changes has waned considerably. Through Los Angeles Times, we have been able to know that currently only 27% of vehicles sold in the u.s. market will be offered with manual change, while in 2006 the percentage was 47 %. However, even more surprising is to know that only 3 % of the cars there currently sold are manuals.

Prueba BMW 118d 5 puertas selector cambio

worst of all, for the purists residents of the united States, is that probably the manual shift mode disappears completely, and sooner rather than later, on the side of the “great pond”. A demand of only 3 % (and a clear tendency to decrease) is not profitable for most manufacturers the fact to develop, offer and produce cars with manual changes.

Returning to this side of the Atlantic, we can ask why now are more automatic cars in Europe some years ago. The answer is probably that the type of automatic transmissions that are in demand in the old continent are already more successful. European tastes are different to the americans. Here, as a general rule, we do not like too much the change of the type “drive”. That feeling of slipping and the non-synchronization of the engine noise with the acceleration offered by the vehicle itself it seems like in the united States, but not in Europe.

manufacturers who sell in the european market opt for the changes robotics (such as the DSG of the Volkswagen group), or the simulation marches through electronic management which, ultimately, conveys to the driver a feeling of change robotic. In addition, by using the sequential mode, allows the driver to manage it as and when you want it in certain moments. cams, similar to those of a competition car, may also have influenced a lot in this aspect as even a economic vehicle, as it can be a Citroën C4 Cactus automatic account with them.

on the other hand, automatic gearboxes or robotic current are more affordable, in comparison with the price of the car, which for many years, and offer a operation more accomplished and much more intelligent that a decade or two ago. It is also true that each time we realize that forgetting completely about the left pedal is an advantage in virtually all riding conditions.

LARTE Design Infiniti QX80 - pedales

In summary, the automatic switching offers many more advantages the change to manual, although it is also true that having a third pedal in cars of certain benefits sports it is a true delight for purists. This type of drivers they prefer to be partially slower in a day of “track day” but be they who handle the revolutions of your engine, the coupling of the clutch and enjoy doing the complicated maneuver of the tip to heel.

By the way, and finally, even in certain compact sport is relatively difficult to find a trio of bottom bracket to make this “game feet” with a minimum comfort. Could it be that the manufacturers have forgotten the drivers more passionate, although selling sports products?

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