The manufacturers do not abandon the United Kingdom in spite of the “Brexit”


Operator working in the engine factory of Ford in Dagenham (United Kingdom)

Finally, the Nissan Qashqai of the third generation will not occur in Spain, because they occur also in the United Kingdom. it has Also been awarded the plant the X-Trail, to not have to bring them from Japan. The Note is not produced, the new Micra will be made in France and the Leaf of time continues where it was. The uk plant of Sunderland also produces the Infiniti Q30 and QX30.

This award has come after that Nissan threatened -with more or less subtlety – that they reconsider their investments in the Uk if there was a “hard brexit”. This means a disconnection from continental Europe so that they are tariffs, so that the industry would have to pay to the EU to 10% of its exports are in the form of trade barriers.

don’t know the details, but the Government of the United Kingdom, headed by the prime minister, Theresa May, has achieved that Nissan left. It is speculated that outweigh the costs of importation to the EU through money from the public budget. In other palalabras, Uk pay Nissan the cost tariff fruit of the Brexit.


The news of the award has aroused suspicions in other manufacturers based in the Uk, virtually all in foreign hands. As is obvious, want the same treatment for all, Nissan does not have to be treated otherwise even if it is the manufacturer most prolific in the country in the automotive sector. A source quoted by Reuters said that the Government has guaranteed support to Nissan if he did not leave the country.

The leader of the european Ford, Jim Farley, said on BBC radio that he hopes that the Government can work on a solution that works for the whole sector, and not a suit to measure for Nissan. While it is true that Ford no longer produces vehicles in the Uk, yes it has two plants that manufacture engines, one in Dagenham and one in Bridgend. A few years ago reorganized the entire production in Europe and divided the cake british between Spain, Germany and Turkey.

Jaguar Land Rover also relies on the rules of the game are the same for all, the position that was announced last month when it suggested the possibility that Nissan had a advantageous treatment. From BMW’s comment that now is not the time to consider what to do, because the life cycle of their products of MINI is at the beginning.


┬┐What does this mean? producers plan well in advance where they are going to produce each model, because it is an important industrial operation, hundreds or thousands of millions of euros in investment, negotiate with the providers what will be needed, etc, In the unlikely event that a manufacturer wished to leave the United Kingdom to the voice already, it would have to consider where you are going to do their products, but.

therefore, no one can “disconnect” quickly, unless the commercial life of a model is finished, and factories are vacant. In that case, it is possible to close or sell them to those who are interested. If there is to rethink the future of the factories is before you make the investment and run

Given that MINI has just launched a new generation of products, even if they wanted to leave the Uk due to loss of competitiveness, would have to wait several years. right Now BMW is not able to move its production to another place of Europe, so that whatever the type of Brexit, Oxford will continue to work with MINI. Part of the production has been outsourced to the Netherlands (VDL Nedcar) and Austria (Magna) prior to.


Factory of Nissan in Sunderland

Another manufacturer that has been pronounced has been Toyota, which exports to Europe 75% of its production. Didier Leroy, head of competitiveness, stated earlier this week that he trusts in the Uk to treat all manufacturers the same way. Anyway, Toyota is not asked to leave the country though there is a rise in tariffs.

The commitment of the japanese Burnaston remains. Similarly, the production of Auris and Avensis you can not move so easily from one place to another. Like BMW, are doomed to continue there good season. And who will “eat” the 10% difference in the price? This can be done through cuts or reduction of costs, the same gives.

hereinafter, the leaders of the United Kingdom will be spinning very fine for it to remain interesting produce in your country. The rise of tariffs can be compensated by a pound depreciated (it already is, it would have to maintain), adjusting more of the costs of production (points to the labor factor) or because the british pay out-of-pocket tariffs to the EU.