The manufacturers will decide the future of the FIA GT World Cup


The particular resolution that lived in the FIA GT World Cup in the last GP of Macau was not welcomed by almost no-one. Laurens Vanthoor scored the victory after having suffered a strong crash with his Audi R8 LMS, which led to the completion of precipitate of the test and his own triumph to be the rider who crossed the finish line in first place in the turn prior to the mishap. A chapter that was not appreciated to own Vanthoor, to Porsche as a manufacturer that had the lead at the time of the accident and nor to the FIA and Stephane Ratel as the promoters.

For this reason, the FIA will meet with the manufacturers to work on the future of the FIA GT World Cup with the aim of ensuring their correct to dispute. However, the brands and the own FIA can’t afford to a Glass of the World that limited its duration due to accidents and that is living a similar situation to this year, which were played less than five rounds in a period of 90 minutes before you do not resume the test for the mishap end of Laurens Vanthoor. In this aspect, Porsche has threatened not to return if action is not taken.

The main premise is that the FIA GT World Cup is of greater importance in the opening hours of the GP of Macau, a task that will not be easy in 2017 with the presence of the Great Prize of Motorcycling, the proof of Formula 3 and the return of WTCC at Circuit Da Guia. Manufacturers want to ensure that the GT3 have their space, being a Porsche, the more insistent not only in these changes, but check the calendar. A program with a GTE in the making, to compete in the FIA GT World Cup and in the last round of the WEC in parallel is a non-starter.