The Maserati Levante shows its interior for the first time

Because we want to see the truth. The Maserati Levante will be the first SUV of the Italian brand. That model will be the salvation of Maserati or the weight of the sink. Much played with this model, and before its arrival to the market is left to see once more, especially the inside that almost shows the full.

The truth is that the front of the Alfieri has a very good pint

is Not the first time that we see the Lift in one of their exercises tests, or much less. We have followed the development of the same from the first steps of the mule chassis, until this last occasion where it continues to be quite camouflaged in its exterior, although much less in its interior.

The body looks very similar to the last time that we saw. Are already all the elements of the series, and thanks to this we can see once more that the Lift will have a style very Maserati, with a front sharp and lenses front remember too much at the prototype that we saw a couple of years ago, the Maserati Alfieri.

The rear shows much more hidden. On this occasion didn’t help the amount of snow accumulated in the behind. There is that view other previous images of the model to remember that their rear lights are very similar to those of the rest of the range, particularly in the Maserati Ghibli and Quattroporte.

The rear is very hidden, as much for camouflage as the snow accumulated

And it is these two models will have much influence in the first SUV of Maserati, as underneath the bodywork will hide the same platform and elements of both models, including the engines. By the time we know that they will share the mechanics, both diesel and gasoline. Having the possibility of choosing blocks V6 or V8.

But back to the news; the inner, to the that we see for the first time in such a way, it seems again as a work of craftsmanship of purely Italian. appreciate high-quality materials such as leather or wood. These are used to clad throughout the cabin, where the presence of a large screen in the center console, a box of instruments analog and a tunnel is quite easy.

Looking in more detail, attention is called to the shortage of the traditional hand-held pendant stations. It is also interesting to see the more than generous size of the cams behind the wheel, and the thumb wheel behind the gear lever. Surely this allow manually control the various driving modes of the Lift, which as usual will equip rear-wheel drive with the possibility of awd.

The trident on the steering wheel indicates the category of the model with which we find ourselves

will Not have to wait long to see the Maserati Levante in all its glory. The Italian house intends to submit it in just a month and a half, in the next Room of Geneva, although its entry into production would be delayed at least a few months, arriving the first units to the road at the end of the year.