The Maserati Quattroporte undergoes surgery


Maserati is already immersed in the process of upgrading your vehicle are of enormous dimensions, proof of this are these units partially camouflaged that have been captured by our photographers. The Maserati Quattroporte has now been more than three years on the market so that your facelift is already in the process to renew slightly some aspects of the vehicle as well as your design, engines and multimedia software.

On the changes in its design, the sedan has not hesitated to protect the front and the behind of the looks remain invisible in order not to reveal the changes that will suffer. However there are details that do not escape the view of a camera and looking carefully.


The front bumper will undergo a slight redesign to be the main protagonist of the new grille with a trident of greater size and more settled. On the behind does not seem that we find profound modifications but under the camo hints at a diffuser design that is more aggressive that will add even more sportiness to the sedan Italian.

What we can not see from the outside is possible renewal of your thrusters in which we will find improvements compared to its consumption and performance, not to mention an update to its multimedia system which will integrate with more options for connectivity, especially in relation to the integration of devices Apple and Android with the vehicle.


The Maserati Quattroporte has a starting price in Spain from the 107.060 € cost of the version diesel 3.0 V6 275 HP but its range includes a family of petrol engines that culminates in the Quattroporte GTS with engine 3.8 V8 from 530 HP, whose access price is raised to the 169.907 €.

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