The master plan of Tesla, in 4 keys: so you want the company of Elon Musk to revolutionize the mobility and the generation ener…

As I have said on more than one occasion. The goal of Tesla Motors was never to sell more cars, but revolutionize the transport, mobility and energy consumption as we know it. Its founder is actually one of the most intelligent and visionary of the planet, and 10 years after introducing its first “Master Plan” for Tesla, this night has been presented the second part of his “Master Plan”. What if I told you that you could forget about your energy company and earn money with your car while you’re not wearing it?

SolarCity, SpaceX, Tesla Motors. The curriculum of Elon Musk leaves in ridiculous to visionaries like Steve Jobs.

Before we get into flour, let’s talk about the last 10 years of Tesla Motors. Its own creator states that it was a very risky enterprise from the beginning, whose creation was made possible by the use of his personal fortune, which he earned from the sale of PayPal. Its first master plan sought the production of an electric car – sports Tesla Roadster – that would give it visibility, prestige and know-how to the company. Know-how that would produce a car more affordable, higher-volume: the Tesla Model S.

elon-musk-1440pxThe successive technical advances of these early vehicles would be transferred to the ultimate goal of the company: production of an electric truly mass, with great autonomy and an auto-pilot almost infallible. Since we know the Tesla Model 3, which before you even begin to be sold has become the power’s most successful planet – still exist great challenges in their production and sales, there are more than 350,000 reservations. We already have the foundations of a future that has not done more to start.

1) Turning your home into a generator of electricity

Nikola Tesla would like what Tesla Motors and the enterprises of Elon Musk are doing in your name.

PowerWall, SolarCity and Tesla together under the same roof. To SolarCity – a producer of solar panels – and Tesla are societies different is a product of history, as they pursue a common goal. Elon Musk wants to that our homes become generators and stores of energy. And they want to do it through the installation of solar roofs modular. Ceilings simple installation, excellent design and simple integration in all types of dwellings, from apartment blocks to single-family homes.

tesla-powerwall-020515-014_1440x655cAll housing will have a PowerWall in which to store the energy obtained from the sun clean and efficient way. That energy will serve both to recharge the electric cars that lie dormant in your garage or driveway, such as to power appliances and electrical appliances of our home. Tesla’s dream of a utopian future without utilities, without dependence of their monopolies and political decisions. A laudable aim, in countries like Spain some have been slow to make it impossible to hit laws.

Now, Elon Musk has been able to put rockets into orbit and their goal is to send a million people to Mars in the long term. I would say that he knows what he’s doing.

2) electric Vehicles of all kinds, also commercial and heavy

A truck and minibus self-employed. The future of Tesla is not restricted to private vehicles.

Tesla will not remain in its current portfolio of three products. The Tesla Model S, Model X and Model 3 are only advances. In a few years will be the sale of vehicles Tesla in many more segments. In the first place, there will be a version crossover the Tesla Model 3: think of a Honda CR-V electrical reasonable price. Tesla doesn’t want to neglect the segment of the pick-up, extremely profitable and lucrative in markets like the american one. Want to produce and sell which would be the first pick-up 100% power of the story.

fabrica-tesla-motors-europa-2016-00For if to cover virtually the entire spectrum of consumption were not little, they also want to revolutionize the public transport and road transport. In the first place, they declare that in Tesla has already begun the development of a tractor electrical, which will reduce the costs of transport and their usual slowness. Next to this, in the coming year we also will present their first bus. A minibus self in which the role of the driver will be the manager of a fleet. You’ll be asked for on demand, on pre-established routes.

3) More autonomy for the Tesla

Tesla will not let unfounded fears or fear of lawsuits prevents the generalization and improvement of automatic pilot.

Tesla will turn a deaf ear to the recommendations of Consumer Reports. AutoPilot will not be turned off on a single Tesla, and will continue to evolve each time more. Your eighth version will be soon introduced by the OTA in the Model S and Model X. The evolution of your software is possible using a learning recurrent: every day, 5 million kilometers are driven with Autopilot activated. This collective learning allows the refinement gradual system, and their eventual full autonomy.

tesla-sin-manosTesla claims that their cars with Autopilot are already much more safe than the average american: one person dies for every 89 million miles driven. When Tesla accumulate 10,000 million kilometres of autonomous experience and is 10 times safer than the average road deaths in the USA, removed the last “beta” to your Autopilot. Also expect then to be completely legal at the global level, operating the autopilot is also in the city and other ways.

4) Your Tesla will be a Uber self-employed and you earn money without leaving your home

To more long-term, Tesla wants the owners of one of their electric can monetize your investment – even pay their fees – through renting it out to other private persons. But not as you think: when you are completely self-employed, you can ask for a taxi self by an application. That taxi may be the Tesla Model 3, a particular, that in average only use their vehicles between 5% and 10% of the time of day. In cities where the demand for the service exceeds supply, Tesla could enter with our own fleet of vehicles.

tesla-funciones-autopilot-03Leaving aside the legal implications – which will take place on successive days – the major benefit of this “Uber” self is that will reduce substantially the costs of financing, operations and maintenance of a Tesla, to the point of even getting up to abolish them. Tesla does not speak to gain huge economic benefits to this practice, speaks of a complete democratization of transport, a real economy collaborative. A plan ambitious, complex and full of obstacles, but Elon Musk always liked the challenges.

Source: Tesla