The Mazda CX-4 filtering new: Discover your rear


The Mazda CX-4, reveals her backside in new photos leaked

Come to light new snapshots furtive of the Mazda CX-4 -name yet to be confirmed – this time the new images allow us to know the behind of this SUV dynamic look. The vehicle is based on the prototype Mazda Koeru Concept presented at the Frankfurt show in 2015.

New SUV sports the eye

This SUV sports Mazda comes to venture into a new segment that proliferates rapidly, the of the SUV/Crossover Coupe. A new body of five doors of a greater dynamism that manufacturers like BMW and Mercedes already operating in a variety of formats, all of them with a remarkable acceptance on the part of customers. In fact their main rivals are the BMW X4 and the future Mercedes GLC Coupe.

Still be the possibility for the manufacturer to revive the CX-7 for this model, but the size of the same, 4.6 metres in length, makes us opt for the name CX-4 asking for something less than the Mazda CX-5 although both share platform.


Its design is inspired by the latest models Mazda with a menacing look sharp headlamps that reminds us of the new MX-5, applications chrome in your body (main grille, rear, the roof bars and the last stud) and attractive drop ceiling that extends up to the height of your optics later. Like their brothers Mazda CX-3 and CX-5, has the features moldings of protection.

Mazda bet the technologies SKYACTIV for the reduction of consumption approved which has as its pillars a structure composed by lightweight materials and engines in most atmospheric high-efficiency and reliability mechanical.