The Mazda Koeru could arrive as a rival for the Subaru Outback

Mazda Koeru ConceptIn a statement to Automotive News, Masamichi Kogai, CEO of Mazda, said that the prototype Mazda Koeru could reach production or at least inspire a new vehicle. With this new model that was presented in the past Frankfurt motor show the japanese manufacturer would seek to create a new type of SUV, with a sportier appearance and different to what we currently offer.

Kogai said that Mazda Koeru would be a product that is totally independent, that would not be related to other models of the SUV of the brand as a variant of the same. As far as design is dissociate of the range SUV made by the CX-3, CX-5 and CX-9, as will a body lower-than-normal and sports, most close to that of a family member than to that of a todocamino. By statements of the CEO of Mazda, the Mazda Koeru will have a tune-up, more dynamic than other models.


The Subaru Outback might be one of the objectives of the Mazda Koeru

Mazda might be considering a rival to the Subaru Outback, which in its time was a pioneer among the family sobreelevados. Although it might seem easier to start from the base of a Mazda 6 Wagon, a new model could contribute more in terms of image and differentiation.

This new model would be strategic for the japanese brand, which seeks to increase the number of units. With the north american market as an example, in the first 11 months of the year, Subaru has sold over 136,000 units of its Outback, while Mazda, with its three SUV model together does not reach that number of units. If Mazda could get the position of a model of these features, it would be a great boost for the company.

Source – Automotive News

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