The Mazda RX-9 could arrive in 2020 according to the latest rumors

Villa d'Este, los mejores prototiposSince the presentation of the prototype Mazda RX Vision, fans of the brand have dreamt of a sports rotary engine. What is true is that since 2010, when we left the Mazda RX-8, there has been no presence of this type of mechanics in the manufacturer nippon. Although now the rumors are optimistic and bring us good news. That new vehicle may be the Mazda RX-9, and could arrive soon.

, new sports in which you are working Mazda could disclosed a prototype the next year in the Lounge of Tokyo. Would subsequently be presented to the version of the production in 2019. After this, everything would be ready for the Mazda RX-9 to start his marketing in the year 2020. There is nothing confirmed on the part of the brand, but it would be a good date to coincide with the celebration of the centennial Mazda.

Mazda RX Visionit Is expected that the new RX-9 share some features of the prototype RX Vision that illustrates this news and that we were able to see it live in the Competition of Elegance of Villa d’este. Although the model of production will be less radical, could share their extended forms reminiscent to the legendary Mazda RX-7. It also would continue the design language Kodo we’re seeing in the rest of the vehicles in the range.

Under the lengthened hood would be the expected rotary engine Skyactiv-R. It will be an evolution that will have 1.6-liter engine with two rotors of 800 cubic centimeters. In addition, it could combine the turbocharging with a system of compression ignition similar to the diesel HCCI. It is expected that you will develop a power of a 400 HP, which, thanks to a reduced weight of about 1,300 kg, you’d get a good performance.

Source – Holiday Auto