The McLaren 675LT roars, drift and raises its wing in this spectacular circuit video

will not enjoy the halo of a McLaren P1, but do not tell me that the McLaren 675LT – LT Long Tail – not impressive. Although essentially be a 650S, which in turn was a 12C, the new McLaren 675LT love us, especially for its design, its sculpted silhouette, lightweight construction – weighs 100 kg less than a 650S – and active aerodynamics. The debut McLaren video 675LT just occurred. The British just showing the first promotional video that shows this wild animal in its natural habitat, the circuit, with a succession of roars and cross that should require a disclaimer “do not do this in your house “and a” video is not recommended for children under 18 years. “

McLaren 675LT 2015: more powerful, lightweight, aerodynamic betray him

McLaren wanted to show us his last beast Castelloli circuit with particular emphasis on the burning rubber and, especially in the movements of his huge retractable spoiler . Recall that just an excuse to launch the 675LT was none other than the arrival of a more radical version of the 650S, and especially aerodynamically improved. 675LT spoiler has an area 50% larger than the 650S, to increase downforce and a revised turbocharged V8 engine that reaches 675 hp. The 0-200 km / h in 7.9 seconds dials, almost nothing!

But is best that you see and hear in this video .

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To make matters worse, the McLaren 675LT be limited to 500 units and can even be equipped with roll bars. Too bad, they say, either exhausted …

Source: McLaren
In motor McLaren 675LT 2015: more powerful, lightweight, aerodynamic betray him

McLaren 675LT

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