The McLaren 675LT Spider exhausts its production in less than a month


A blink of an eye: that’s what has lasted to the sale of the new McLaren 675LT Spider. Once again the Woking repeated success, and is that recently, you, we told you that production of the McLaren P1 had been completed after a little over two years, with 375 units are produced and delivered to their owners.

In this case, the McLaren 675LT Spider has needed very little time: submitted last December 3, in less than three weeks the entire production has found a buyer. – only model will be produced in 500 units, and as we say each and every one of them already have buyer awarded, although the first cars will begin to be delivered in the next few weeks.

In fact, the McLaren 675LT Spider not even been released in society: its implementation over public will take place in the Geneva motor show 2016, in the month of march, but from now on it will be impossible to acquire a new one. This strategy of McLaren -to make their models under a strict production very limited in number – is giving him a lot of success, and all this despite the fact a price is relatively high: 395.000 euros without including the corresponding taxes.


there is No crisis in the segment of sporting the most exclusive luxury. Another recent case very similar has been the BMW M4 GTS, with its 700 units sold in a couple of months. Returning to the McLaren 675LT Spider, let us remember that keeps all the virtues, design or performance of the McLaren 675LT -also exhausted above, but adds a hard top in three pieces in the style of “targa”, automatic opening.

V8 engine of 3.8 liters, boost twin-turbo, the distance from the offered in the McLaren 650S, and not just by a slightly higher power: it has been reinforced through a major internal review, with new turbochargers, a lighter weight and lower friction. Offers 675 CV and 700 Nm of torque, which allows it to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 2,9 seconds, reaching up to 326 km/h of maximum speed.

This approach most extreme has its reflection in an outdoor setting that incorporates aerodynamic specific, including that back spoiler “long tail” of active type. Even the air-conditioning can be removed upon request of the customer, by lowering a weight which brand 1.270 kilograms in scale.

From its engine to its chassis, going through some carbon fiber seats, or tire Pirelli P Zero tire ultra-lightweight 19-and 20-inch, all-in-the McLaren 675LT is designed for maximum performance in the circuit, and in this video you can check this: Bruno Senna puts it to the test.