The McLaren 720S, and their tiny air tickets


The McLaren 720S is doing their final tests in Spain.

last week filtered through Instagram the new McLaren 720S, the successor to the 650S, the first production model of the factory in Woking, but actually was born in 2011 under the name MP4-12C.

The new 720S will be the consequent evolution of these models, although what we could see in all the spy photos above, the jump of the model would be considerable. Which highlights a few days ago with their early filtration.

In the single filtered image, until now you can see the entire side and part of the front of the 720S, but not the rear or the snout full, so that it is exposed almost entirely in terms of its exterior design. This image in addition, after analyzing it carefully these days, we reveals some of the secrets and novelties of the model.


First leaked image of the model.

On the side we find a surface very sculpted, which draws a sort of wind tunnel from the wheel arch front. This profiled surface is very worked on the door, vertical opening, and shows us a major absentee, the air tickets.

After look at the image, we discover that not only does not be found on the side panels but that does not seem to be in the area of the passenger compartment, behind the doors. Due to the poor resolution of the images does not appreciate it, but thanks to this new series defotos spies discovered his true position.

found almost hidden in the lower area of the lateral and are very easy to identify in the images of this unit of tests that have been able to capture our photographers, since that is the only area that does not appear smooth, covered with vinyls, in the area of the heel near the rear wheel arch.


The air inlets are located in the lower front to the rear wheel.

These small air inlets seem to be, next to a small opening after the door, the only supplier of the needed air to feed and cool the mechanical. That continues to be the V8 3.8-liter supercharged that employs all the range of McLaren, although conveniently improved to raise the power output of 650 to 720 HP.

In the rear, the area that we have not yet been able to see the full model, on the contrary, you can sense different outputs of air, in addition to the exhaust located high and in the center. In this unit evidence can still be seen in circular shapes, but we understand that they are provisional.

the presentation of The new McLaren 720S is fixed for the next Salon
Geneva, 2017
, which is held in just 6 weeks. After his
presentation, the model will be available in the distributors of the
mark a few months after.