The McLaren 720S double the aerodynamic efficiency of the 650S

McLaren 720S teaser

it is official the arrival of the the second generation of the Super Series McLaren. Soon it will be revealed the successor to the 650S and little by little we are getting to know more about this model which is known internally to the code of ‘P14’. Although many of you already dare to claim that its final name will be McLaren 720S. In any case, today we show a new teaser of this model and some details of its aerodynamics.

Because the brand of Woking says that the new issue will have the double of aerodynamic efficiency the McLaren 650S. Something that was already quite difficult, but you seem to have gotten used to the latest technologies. The main responsible for this improvement seems to be the active rear spoiler that is partially in the image. With it you get a 50% more downforce and will also serve as an airbrake to deploy in half a second.

Monocasco McLaren Super Series

Another of the main novelties will be the door design. In its structure there will be two air ducts are separated, that will serve to direct the air to the radiators and to cool the engine and to create a greater downforce. We were also able to see recently its monocoque carbon that we promised that the new model would be lighter. The final weight shall be 1.283 kg, that is 18 kg less than the 650S Coupe.

Although we will still have to wait for the official confirmation, rumors say that the new model will take a motor V8 biturbo 4.0-liter (0.2 liters more than the current). The power would be up to 720 HP (hence the name of McLaren 720S) and therefore it would be quite faster than the 650S. We will leave doubts on the 7th of march, when it will be presented in the Geneva.

Source – McLaren