The McLaren 720S will go from 0 to 200 km/h in 7,8 seconds and 200 to 0 in 4,6

Teaser McLaren 720S

we know Little of the McLaren 720S. The brand of Woking do not want to reveal yet information is so important of this new supercar as the motorization and/or power (although there are rumors), design or exact dimensions. However, like to give small details and leave us with honey on the lips by means of a few strokes. In theory, we will have all the information in just a few days, when revealing the full at the Geneva motor show.

Of time, do not paint badly the dynamic ability of the new member in the british firm. As we know, the McLaren 720S will be capable of performing the 0 to 200 km/h in just 7,8 seconds; rather less time than it takes for any car to be “normal and current” to perform the 0 to 100 km/h. But if this piece of information has surprised you, will blow your mind away with the amount of time that passes from the time the driver presses the brake until the supercar stops.

Teaser McLaren 720S

Woking have confirmed that the Mclaren 720S is able to brake from 200 km/h to be completely stopped in just 4.6 seconds, walking in this period of time only 117 meters. This data is well above its predecessor model, the 650S, and is very close to the McLaren P1, a vehicle whose price stood at around one million euros.

Comment from McLaren that this deceleration capability is thanks, in good part, to the new brake discs carbocerámicos, now being lighter and more resistant than other products previously used. Also have who underwent some new tests are much more rigorous that never before had been made by the engineers of the brand. Logically, tyres Pirelli P Zero Corsa that we see in the image help to this performance in the braking.

rumors Say that the engine chosen to propel this McLaren 720S can be a V8 4 liter biturbo, citing in addition a power of 710 HP. But that said, we will wait until the brand communicates every detail of form at the Geneva motor show.

Source – Motor1